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Welcome to Water of Leith 2000

Leith has a unique place in the history and culture of Edinburgh and Scotland but the earlier industrial image of Leith has dramatically changed to today as 'a centre for modern business development'.

Already established as an Urban Regeneration Area within Edinburgh, the City of Edinburgh Council  prioritised Leith and established proactive leadership to ensure Leith benefited from investment and employment activity generated in its vicinity.

The general streetscape, buildings and place names give the area richness unequalled by any other port-based locations and The Water of Leith Business Centre offers the benefits of new investment to the wider communities joining the need for improvement to the opportunities from development.

Providing Edinburgh’s new retail/leisure hub, The International Cruise Liner Terminal and businesses with a unique blend of gastronomic and international cuisine Leith and the community are now seeing the benefit from the increased publicity, tourism, business, employment and training opportunities created by the development.

Architects, advertising, design, film, computer games, and music businesses have all been identified by Scottish Enterprise as key organisations which have developed faster within the Leith than anywhere else in Scotland

Leith and The Water of Leith Business Centre have developed as an areas of enormous commercial and economic opportunity.

Old Leith

Water of Leith

New Leith

linking the need for improvement to the opportunities from development